sam and andrew

Spring is here!  Well...  in between the threats of thunder showers. It's been a long...long wait and we're so grateful!  So incredibly ready, for the warmth, colors, aromas and delicate, fleeting blooms.

So great to spend the afternoon with the beautiful and talented Sam and Andrew in Cabbagetown, taking it all in.

I'm  so looking forward to their rustic, barn wedding in the country !

Suit of Lights launch in T.O.

2 trips to Spain, 5 cities, 50 some phone calls, getting lost in la Mancha, a young matador named Rafael, editing, editing, editing, printing , resining, press kits, book making, guest lists and invites. These are some of the things I've been up to lately. Nick spent the last several months in his office working around the clock to produce the short animated film that showed along side the photographs.

We did it for love. For the sake of exploring a subject that we found strange, powerful and alluring.

It wasn't aimed at an audience or a market and thats what made it scary. It was just because we wanted to and thats what made it so rewarding!

The opening night went by in a flash. The feedback and turn out was tremendous and I'm grateful!

Thank you to the people that helped to create this project with us and thank you to all the friends, strangers and colleagues who came to check it out !

We're looking forward to where it will go next...

happy holidays!

Check out to see our holiday engagement inspired shoot. Styled by Cynthia Martyn, print design by Laura K designs, make up and hair by faces by Carla and a beautiful super 8 film by Naz of Mimmo and Naz.

I will post more images soon.... but in the meantime, Happy Holidays everyone!

Wishing you all the best in love and life in 2011!

Laura Jane