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Love the dress

This day was a joy!  Kourtney and Steve were lovely to work with, full of smiles and laughter.

Game for anything and loving every minute. Kourtney didn't think twice about walking to the beach in her billowy, light as a feather Spanish inspired dress. 

By the end our our shoot, the veil had blown out of her hair and her train had collected a few twigs, leaves as well as sand.

We all had a blast and they have the images that made it all worthwhile!



"and all the people were singing

A few weeks ago, I was asked to photograph the wedding celebration of two of my favorite people, Canadian film directors Bruce McDonald and Dany Chiasson.  Bruce has been so supportive of my art over the last 12 years and both he and Dany have been a true inspiration to me .

 I was honored to be asked to document their wedding day and thrilled to celebrate with them!

The ceremony itself was just family and close friends, followed by a procession led by the music of a three piece Italian band through their downtown hood, College street.

Bathed in sunlight, cheers, car horns, and warm wishes from their community, the whole experience was genuine, intimate and grand all at the same time.

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_MG_4980 copy
_MG_5398 copy
_MG_5058 copy

It happened to me....!

After 12 years and having photographed over 400 weddings, what in the world would I want to do on my day ?? Nick proposed on New Years eve, with a bottle of champagne, under moonlight on a frozen hill, at the tree that he'd planted years ago to honour his mom.

This was where we had to get married! The summer solstice, we decided, was the perfect day.

Our incredible and talented friends came together to help and make this day so special, so unique and memorable!

We were lucky to have these people be a part of creating our day! Hannah Sung was our dj.  Sara at created our delicious picnic in the park, Megan at Aster Design did our elegant invites, the talented Catherine at captured the day beautifully, filmmaker Anita Doron shot a film for us, did the most vibrant and sensual florals I've seen (I think I'm being a little biased here) & my dear friend Christina Gapic also shot some amazing images of the day. Carla Naylor at made us pretty and Gord Light and Meher Steinberg of the famous Gospel Sundays were our fabulous minstrels! 

 We know we are very lucky and have amazing friends around us!

Just like people had said to me, it was all a blur. 

At the end of the day the beautiful food is devoured, the wine is drunk, the flowers have wilted and the dress is torn and dirty from the dance floor. 

I now know even more than before, the importance and value in preserving and archiving  the day !

Now I can soak in the details, the flowers, the picnic, and the most important people in our lives sharing it all with us !

I will look at these photos over and over and they only get better as the day itself gets further away.