In this business people are always asking us to define our style in words. As an artist, it's hard to define yourself. You just see how you see and do what you naturally do.

You can compare yourself to other artists and other work, looking for the differences, but it often seems elusive.

Last week I was commissioned to photograph my client's daughter's ballet class, to document this memory and this time in her life. Amazing!

The school was wonderful and chaotic. Dozens of 6 year olds zooming, twirling , giggling.

I automatically go into photography-mode.

I'm crouching on the floor, or pressed up against a wall in the corner to get the shot I see, the shot I want.

In the end, while looking through the photos, I had to laugh at a moment of self-realization...

The photos I came away with were  zen-like, clean, and quiet images. Details and intimate gestures. As if the room were still.

Finding grace in chaos.

Each subject alone in their beautiful world, owning the camera with their own uniqueness.